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Item No.: M-1

M-1 Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier with USB port  and DAC for computer
USB-A signal input port, can play the song from flash drive.
USB-B for Computer input port , can decode and play back music.
Line out signal input jack for active subwoofer.
with 6.5mm earphone jack.

●Front panel has MP3 function buttons
  StopPlayPrevNext、Sound field select
●output Powe:18Wx2
●Frequency response:10Hz-25KHz
●harmonic distortion:0.03%(1KHz)
●Input sensitivity:0.3V
●input impedance:50KΩ
●output impedance:4Ω、16Ω
●Signal to noise ratio:>85dB
●Input signal:2 sets
●power consumption:120W
●Tube Complement:6N2x2