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Item No.: P-845

P-845 single-ended directly heated power-amplifier

P-845 is one of the top Single-ended Class A series, which uses 300B to drive 845.power-amp with individual power supply sets to the driver and amplification. As the idea of improvement, we spare no expense to create such an excellent goods that’s within beautiful and gentle timbre and outstanding control force.
●It is completely hand-wired point-to-point
●The stainless steel surface case, circular stands and the exquisite outlook are the fancy elements.
●The select strip of EI steels, OFC wire and our exclusive skills create the output transformer with high frequency range but low distortion.
●Using metal film resistor and quality thin film capacitor.
●Using the 2 choke coils and 4 capacitors to form the π Filter circuit.

●Specified output:35w (8Ω Single ended class A)
●Frequency response: 20Hz-28kHz
●harmonic distortion:1.5% (1kHz)
●Input sensitivity:1000mV
●input impedance:50KΩ
●output impedance:4Ω 、8Ω
●Signal to noise ratio:85dB
●power consumption:190W
●Input signal:1 sets
●Tube Complement:845×1,300B×1,6SN7(6N8P)×1, 6SL7(6H9C)×1