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Item No.: PRO-2

PRO-2  Vacuum Tube CD Player

"The LA Audio Pro-2 has a certain solidity of presentation and precise musical hues that will lead you to think it cost twice or more what you actually pay for it. "

●Adopting the tradition 20bit/96kHz outputting style, DAC PCM1702 designed by American BB Company for D/A conversion.
●Using PHILIPS classical VAM1201 mechanism and CD711 server system
●Output with 4 piece ECC88 vacuum tubes for balance and non- balanced audio frequency output.
●Build-in Earphone amplifier sets
●Analog output:
Transistor level:>2V
Tube level:>0.5V
XLR balanced output:>1V
●Digital output:OPTICAL / CLIAX
●Dynamic Range:>120dB
●Frequency response:10Hz~23kHz
●Total harmonic distortion ratio:0.001%
●Signal to noise ratio:100dB
●power consumption:68 W
●weight:12 kgs