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Item No.: P-805

Single-ended Direct Heated Power Amplifier

 Elegant solid wooden panel with stainless steel mirror case.
 Point-to-point wiring in split plane.
 Porcelain insulation frame, metal film resistors and Metallized Paper Film Capacitor.
 Hand wired assembly with simple layout design for easy maintenance and components replacement.
 The Power supply uses L/C filter circuit, two groups of filament power supply and independent HV power supply, which suitable with any pre-amp.
 Pre drive use a 6N8P plate follower to EL34 then drives 805 amp tubes directly thru cross-link.
 Our high quality output transformer is built-up with Japanese Z11/0.35 silicon steel sheet, with our exclusive OFC wiring technique, which lower the distortion and deliver better sound.

 Output:42w
 Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
 harmonic distortion:≤0.5% (1kHz)
 Input sensitivity:500mv
 input impedance:100KΩ
 output impedance:4Ω 、8Ω
 Signal to noise ratio:85dB
 power consumption:190W
 Input signal:1 sets
 Tube Complement:805×1,EL34×1,6SN7(6N8P)×1,
 Dimensions:29cm(W)x 44cm(D)x 19cm(H)
 Net weight:18kgs